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OSIL Now Offer Vessel Motion Monitoring Systems for Wind Farms

OSIL Now Offer Vessel Motion Monitoring Systems for Wind Farms


OSIL are delighted to announce the launch of a Vessel Motion Monitoring System (VMMS), a system designed to monitor motion of a vessel in order to increase safety of transfers during offshore wind farm operations.


With a second generation 6 DoF (Degrees of Freedom) motion sensor, the Vessel Motion Monitoring System monitors safety thresholds for heading, heave, pitch, roll, sway and yaw. This portable, battery powered monitoring system has a removable hard disk for data retrieval, and is programmed to display a red signal to indicate when it is unsafe to transfer because safety thresholds have been exceeded. The Vessel Motion Monitoring System’s safety thresholds are customisable to customer’s specific operations, ensuring that transfers are only made under the green light.


Richard Williams, Managing Director of OSIL, said: “We are excited to expand our product portfolio with our state of the art Vessel Motion Monitoring System. The transfer of wind farm technicians to the wind turbines has inherent risks, which we are looking at improving with our new monitoring system. Rather than having to make a subjective decision, users can now make informed, scientific decisions on safety measures“.


For further information or sales enquiries please contact: or call +44 (0)2392 488240.



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