Marine Instruments

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Data Buoys

A wide range of Data Buoys and Data Loggers which can all be adapted to suit the relevant application.

Sediment Corers & Grabs

Sediment sampling equipment including Multiple, Box and Piston Corers and a variety of Grabs.

ROV Sampling Equipment

A selection of bespoke ROV mounted sampling equipment.

Oil Spill Detection

Non-contact oil and hydrocarbon spill monitoring systems.

Winches & LARS

OSIL supply winches, LARS and equipment handling systems, with standard products available as well as bespoke systems.

Water Column Sampling

A range of water column sampling equipment including water bottles, Marine Snow Catchers and a Rectangular Midwater Trawl (RMT) Net.

Guildline Salinometers & Calibration Baths

Guildline's High Precision Autosal and Portasal Salinometers, Calibration Baths, Computer Interface and Salinometer Pumps.

Current Meters, Wave & Tide Gauges

Comprehensive range of current and wave monitoring systems including ADCPs & the Nortek AWAC

Multiparameter Sondes, CTDs & SVs

A selection of instruments for measuring a variety of parameters.

Tow Bodies

Underwater Tow Vehicles for rapid surveys covering a more comprehensive area using a wide variety of third party instruments.

Legacy Products

Legacy Products from OSIL

Marine Instruments


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